Sitemap - 2023 - Systematic Hatreds

Intercalary Time

Merry Tiebout Sorting!

Not Another Substack Post

On Which Side Your Bread Is Buttered

The Poem I Don't Teach

Sometimes Books Don't Work

Bullshit Politics

The Capital Strike

Gift Guide 2023

War as a Public Good

Black Friday at Foreign Policy

Varieties of Republican Foreign Policy, 2023 ed.

The Politics of Trunk or Treat

Thoughts from the Sick-ish Bed

House Chaos and Foreign Policy

Not Another Israel Post, Not Another Palestine Post

What Service Means

Looking for a Stage

Sweet as Syrup

The Game of Politics

Are Our Assumptions Right?

The Politics of Scarcity vs Abundance

When the Hegemon Can't Balance Itself

What's News

You Can't Really Believe That

There Oughta Be a Class

Unsystematic Likes #6

Conferences and the Afterlife of Grad School

Get Out of Your Lane

How to Talk About Americans

Superman, the State, and War

The Little Differences

Political Science Isn't Civics

Buy Me a Chair

Gee, Whiz

Unsystematic Likes #5

Biden/Trump Isn't Ford/Nixon

Whatever Happened to Crony Capitalism?

There's No Cure for Politics

Sure, Raise Congress's Salary

Yes, It Matters that Sweden Could Join NATO

The Young are a Foreign Country

Unsystematic Likes #4

"The Red Hotel": my review in the Washington Post

Would You Buy a Used Mars from This Man?

Permanent Deadlock

Everyone's a Business Major Now

Not Working for Everyone

Summers On

Unsystematic Likes #3

Unsystematic Likes #2

The Atomic Option

Bad Congress, Part 3: Edmund Pettus

Unsystematic Likes #1

The Post Generation

The Transitive Property of Status

This Trump Indictment Isn't "Accountability"

chatGPT Is a Counterfeiting Machine

The Wonder of Science

History Rounds Off Skeletons to Zero

The Gilded Giraffes

Everything Everywhere Already At Once

It's Hip to Be Square

Rhythms of War

Friction Matters

Marshmallow, Ph.D.

Kevin McCarthy: Cannon Fodder